Thursday, August 19, 2010

To the Moon (Freebie!!)

Well, my husband and I have been replacing our roof. It was MAJOR old. And we had to remove 4 layers of shingles and a layer of shake. And then we had to put sheathing up (remember, it had the original shake still on). So it's been off for quite some time. Like a month. Last night my husband and a friend were working really hard and really late to get the roof covered. We're almost to the point of shingling. Well, it rained last night. It rained a lot. It rained so much that we now need to replace the ceiling in our bathroom. The water collected on top of it and had I not seen that it had bowed, I'm pretty sure it would have broken up. (We put a release hole in it with a bucket underneath. I hope it stops dripping soon...
Anyway, I got off track a little bit...while they were outside, I spent a lot of time inside and I was able to get several pages scrapped after the kids went to bed. For one of them I used my kit To The Moon

It's a kit that I love love love. I love how it turned out. Anyway, I made this layout.

and I decided to turn it into a template for you. Enjoy! And please check out my kit

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