Friday, February 25, 2011

Make Mine Music

I have wanted to do a music kit since I started designing. Music has always been a big part of my life. This is a collab with Liz of Band Geek Designs.

All through most of my school years, I participated in choir and orchestra. I started playing the viola when I was in 3rd grade and continued through 10th grade. In those years, I spent many Saturday mornings playing with the York Junior and Youth Symphony Orchestras. I have fond memories of those days and wish I hadn't stopped. I still pick my viola up to play every now and again, and now, with this kit, I can scrap the pages documenting these important times in my life. This kit includes all you need to document all sorts of musical moments.

I always felt jaded by the lack of viola themed products, and so I decided to make an add-on especially for violists (however, most of it is generic, and it will also work for violins). It is free.

Viola add-on

And here's some goodies from the CT.

I myself haven't had a chance to use this kit yet. I'm going away on a brief vacation, and when I get back, I will get into the kit and create something. And I'll post it right here.

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