Friday, December 30, 2011

What's new...and what's coming

This week, I've kept it easy on you again...just another alpha

available here

And, for those who might be looking for a sweet deal, I've put all of my single products from 2010 into one bundle, and it's priced at $35, which is about 25% off of the price if each product was purchased separately.

available here

And do you see that thing on the right hand side, near the top. The place for you to put in your email address? Well, I'm going to be starting a newsletter in the new year, and as an incentive, I'm going to be giving away pieces of this kit through my major *spots* on the web. So you'll need to be signed up to get all the pieces, or you'll just have 3 really lonely pieces of the kit.Link

so go sign up already

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